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Dan – a former BMX phenom – zoomed Starr Jones and Le’Andria Johnson back to their villas.  Vilma – a marvelous spirit from the Philippines – transported Mrs. Marcia Ann Gillespie’s breakfast to the ballroom.  Maura – “Superman” – expertly created culinary masterpieces.  Lisa Marie – enamored by the presence of 900+ Women of Power – ensured operations around the property flowed smoothly.  Mike – a Political Science major at Arizona State University – shuttled Donnie McClurkin from rehearsal.  Daphne – “Diva of the Universe” – managed audience engagement.  Alethea – an Accounting Guru – facilitated Live Streaming efforts.  Tammy and Angela – “The Phoenix Connectors” – and at least 10 other wonderful ladies prepared 1,200 Corporate Swag Bags.  Indeed, all hands were on deck for the 2017 Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit!

Pictured above:  Phylicia Rashad, Award Winning Actress; Ursula Burns, Chairman Xerox Corporation; Marcia Ann Gillespie, Former Editor-in-Chief Ms. Magazine and Essence; Pastor Shirley Caesar, Queen of Gospel – at the 2017 Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit, Phoenix, Arizona.

We zipped around the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa like a team of honey bees, managing registration, answering event questions, providing directions to venues and activities, greeting participants, escorting speakers to venues, transporting VIPs, and setting up giveaway displays.  I promise you, I could hear Cybotron’s “Clear” electro song as I took in the most amazing visions of women of color networking, mentoring, and inspiring one another from sunrise until many hours beyond dusk.  My heart smiled brilliantly throughout the entire event that spanned 9-12 March.  I must add, as a retired Air Force member, my smile grew broader when I encountered Vernice “Flygirl” Armour – America’s First African American Female Combat Pilot.  I am convinced the energy she emitted was greater than the Phoenix sun!

I extend my sharpest salute to the phenomenal women of the Brown Wynn Agency for their leadership; and for graciously sharing their wisdom and innovation with every woman they met!  It was a sheer pleasure serving with each of you and the marvelous team you assembled.  Hope friends and fellow Vetrepreneurs will join me for the 2018 event in Orlando, Florida.  Look forward to seeing your smiling faces soon.  Keep Soaring Superstars!

1,200 Corporate Swag Bags