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Honored and humbled to be featured in the She Served – Celebrating Women Veterans project!

Women of all ages, ranks, and levels of authority serve in all branches of the U.S. Military.  Over two million veterans in the United States today are women.  Unfortunately, all too often we overlook these women who served alongside men, and much of the public still equates military veterans with men.  As a photographer I felt I could contribute in a small way to bring the much-deserved attention to women Veterans, and so, the “She Served” Project was born.  She Served is a celebration of military women – an acknowledgement of everything they accomplished while serving in the military – and recognition of everything they are still accomplishing today.  Almost all the women I photograph still have a servant heart and serve their community in one way or another.  By creating a portrait that portrays who they are now and sharing a little about these incredible women, I hope to inspire many more people will join me in recognizing and honoring all our women veterans!  I invite you to take a moment and page through my virtual magazine to get acquainted with these incredible women veterans.  And, if you know someone who you would like to be recognized by the She Served Project feel free to nominate them.  I can’t wait to meet and photograph many more of these amazing women.   – Martina Schmidt

Discover more at She Served Website and She Served – Facebook Page

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