Go for the Gold - shon barnwell

Long before an Olympian boards a flight for “the performance of their lives” they vie for the best coach in their sport.  Given the magnitude of all they stand to gain, or lose – the launch of a life-long legacy, world-wide recognition, endorsement deals, money – and, Hello, a gold medal, it certainly pays huge dividends to partner with the best in the league!

“Be a little better today than you were yesterday.  If you do that enough days, you’ve traveled a great distance.” – Bob Bowman, Team USA Olympic Swim Coach

The journey of a Vetrepreneur is akin to an Olympian in that we must train intensely, focus like a hawk on long-range goals, stay innovative, and sacrifice every hour of “free time” to hone our product or service.  If we are lucky, we will team with an exceptional coach who harnesses our talent by adding the proper mix of expertise, encouragement, empathy, and ego to help us soar to great heights!

On 5 July 2016, the starter pistol sounded and I was off to my first Pre-Trial Olympic Game at a Sandler Foundation Sales session in Alpharetta, Georgia with a host of gold medal seeking individuals.  Psssst, Sandler Training is one of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies in the industry!  My remarkable Olympic sponsor – whom I am eternally grateful to – was the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF).  Our esteemed Olympic coaches were Mark McGraw, Jeff Hanlon and Josh Pitchford.  Of course, for any team to succeed, the support network must be premier.  Many thanks to Kim Smith for her immeasurable support!

Over the course of two months, the application of knowledge gained from Sandler Training produced the following phenomenal successes for my event consultancy:

  • Increased prospecting efforts
  • Enhanced sales strategies with measurable outcomes
  • Expanded market segments, teaming efforts and power bases
  • Improved confidence as an Vetrepreneur
  • Increased productivity in operations
  • Greater return on investment

When you want to Go for the Gold in Sales, Sandler Training creates champions!