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Exploring The Last Frontier with friends!

In honor of the Inuit, Shon Barnwell Events conducted a Naming Ceremony and chose an Inuit name just for Y-O-U!

Andre – TUKKUTTOK, meaning “One Who Is Generous”.

Catina – YURA, meaning “One Who Is Beautiful”.

Curtis – NUKILIK, meaning “One Who Is Strong”.

Diane – AHNAH, meaning “A Wise Woman”.

Janice – ALASIE, meaning “Honest and Noble”.

KT – AMKA, meaning “One With A Friendly Spirit”.

Lorenzae – TOKLO, meaning “One Who Is Spontaneous and Versatile”.

Michelle – ANJIJ, meaning “Grace”.

Rob – INUKSUK, meaning “On the Right Path”.

Shon – KALLIK, meaning “Lightning”.

Walter – UKI, meaning “Survivor”.

Yasmeen – YUKA, meaning “A Bright Star”.


5 Reasons to travel with Shon Barnwell Events LLC:

1) We go the extra mile
2) We keep our promises
3) We focus on quality
4) We anticipate and mitigate
5) We personalize and surprise!