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Traveling is an amazing frontier – discovering new places, connecting with colleagues and clients, and meeting new vendors. Of course, there can be a downside if you are not business travel savvy! Essence magazine recently highlighted valuable Pre-Flight, In-Flight and On the Ground tips to help you travel like a pro.

Pre-Flight Tips:

Research Airport

– Find your gate online

– Locate favorite shops and restaurants

– Add the address to GPS

Arrive Early

– Sign up for Global Entry/TSA Pre-check

– Take in an airport manicure of shoeshine

– Destress (I listen to Jazz)

Pack Smart

– Use packing cubes to save space

– Send physical copies to hotel/local office

– Dress in a monochromatic color scheme

In-Flight Tips:

  • Change into travel slippers, use a neck pillow, hydrate and request gluten-free meals/snacks.

On the Ground Tips:

  • Use hotel laundry facility, stick to a morning routine, do something cultural, ship newly acquired items home before departure.

Happy Travels!

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