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Shon Barnwell - 7/1/2016


You are the greatest cheerleader! Thank you for your saintly patience, wisdom and support!

I love you immensely!

Shon Barnwell - 7/1/2016

Ms. Branch,

Your vivacious spirit, reflective insight and sincerity were amazing ingredients to bring a group of 13 people together - many meeting for the first time! Thank you for your kind words and the generosity of your time!

Andre Barnwell - 7/1/2016

I would like to thank Events of Excellence for a premier seven-day cruise vacation. The level of Excellence experienced during this cruise is just another example of the effort, dedication and professionalism Shon Barnwell delivers during any and every event she leads. Every Events of Excellence experience requires a lot of planning and hard work. Shon pays strict attention to every detail in order to create an extraordinary experience for all her guests. I’d like to thank everyone for supporting Events of Excellence; and I look forward to making new memories with you on the next excursion.

Baby, you are the Best!

Ms Branch - 6/30/2016

I would to like thank Events of Excellence for the wonderful time I had on the June 2016 7 day Western Caribbean Cruise. I had a great time fellowshipping with friends and meeting new ones. I look forward to future cruises and other travel opportunities with Events of Excellence. Everyone is someone with Events of Excellence!

Shon Barnwell - 6/23/2016

Ms. Lowe,

Always a pleasure to Serve! Many thanks to you and your Delta Sisterhood for the marvelous mentoring and leadership efforts you offer young ladies in Middle Georgia and beyond!

Velicia - 6/13/2016


Thank you again for speaking with the young ladies in our Delta Academy program this year. They gained valuable insight on how to develop into a great leader.

With appreciation,
Velicia Y. Lowe, President
Warner Robins Alumnae Chapter
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Shon Barnwell - 6/12/2016

Ms. Fogle,

Tremendously humbled to serve Family Promise. The organization's noble efforts, dynamic leadership, and phenomenal team members are true assets to Middle Georgia and beyond! Thank you for your kind words. Looking forward to future partnerships as well.

Nicole Fogle - 6/11/2016


Your energy is contagious! On behalf of Family Promise, I would like to thank you for your wonderful Vision Board presentation during our "Moving Forward with Vision" workshop for our guests. We appreciate your time, knowledge, and attention to detail. You have inspired many. We look forward to working with Events of Excellence again the future.

Nicole Fogle
Executive Director, Family Promise of Greater Houston County

Shon Barnwell - 5/22/2016

Ms. Turner,

Truly enjoyed the opportunity to serve you, your family and friends. There is no doubt everyone had a grand time and your Mother will carry a torch of eternal joy for the kindness and love you bestowed upon her! Thank you for the generosity of your time and gracious review.

Shon Barnwell - 5/21/2016

Ms. Wallace,

Truly enjoyed the time spent at the Houston County Career Academy with your marvelous group of young leaders. You and Ms. Phelps and the entire HCCA team have indeed primed them for greatness! Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of their professional development.

Qwantel Turner - 5/21/2016

I came to know Shon Barnwell on the occasion of a milestone celebration for my mother. Mrs. Barnwell's superb responsiveness and reliability as the Event Center Manager at Celebrations, made our arrival, set-up and event successful. Mrs. Shon Barnwell is absolutely wonderful!

Tonya Wallace - 5/20/2016

Thank you for coming to HCCA and teaching our students about etiquette! They enjoyed your presentation and learned a great deal!

Shon Barnwell - 4/25/2016

Ms. Lassiter,

Thank you very much for your kind words! My quote of the day reads, "It's up to each of us to make every day as special as it can be." It was truly an honor to make the day as wonderful as possible for the young men and women of Feagin Mill Middle School! ~Bwell~

Naomi Lassiter - 4/21/2016

Thank you so much for the extravagant event you put together for the boys and girls at FMMS. This was truly the most elegant event that I have seen for a school social. The boys and girls loved every intricate detail that was put into the evening, from beginning to the end. The small details like the signing in, the table setting, the activities for the evening were all truly spectacular. You thought of every single detail that could and did make this an event to be remembered and talked about for years to come. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these boys and girls have the experience of a life time. You have an amazing gift for event planning and you're truly Blessed with a talent for making others feel important.
Sincere Thanks,
Naomi Lassiter

Shon Barnwell - 6/4/2015


Thank you for your kind words and vote of confidence! The goal of every event is to splendidly exceed all client expectations. The company's reputation, wisdom and brand grows stronger each day thanks to amazing people like yourself!

Warmest Regards,


Daniel McDermott - 6/3/2015

Over the last 20 years I've been to my fair share of international military and social events and without a doubt, Shon Barnwell led events set a standard of excellence few knew existed. From small events to large events, the competition just isn't close. I just can't say enough about her passion, attention to detail, and creative ways to ensure the events are special. When it comes to event planning you can relax knowing you have the MVP Most Valuable Planner on your team. For events that matter, she's my only choice.

Dan McDermott

Shon - 2/1/2015

Team Mitchell Guests,

Hoping the beautiful spirit of yesterday's event lives in your heart forever!


Shon - 1/24/2015


Truly a pleasure to bring to life premier events and lifelong memories!!!

Merci beaucoup!

Avril - 1/24/2015


This is our second event and things just keep getting better! You are fabulous!!! Merci!

Shon - 1/11/2015


Thank you for your unfaltering support and vote of confidence ... I do what I can ;-

Jan - 1/10/2015

Shon, You are the BEST!!!

Shon - 1/7/2015


Thank you for your kind words! Your next event is only a flight away - have passport, will travel!!!

Lonnie - 1/5/2015

Super excited to see you living the life, you were meant to live. Can't wait to have you plan an event for us.